I am getting my Master Degree.  Please write and think like you are in a Master Degree Program.

1.   Identify a leader from your past who seemed to be a natural-born leader. Discuss how he or she demonstrated traits that led you to that impression of him or her. If you do not remember anyone who fits that description, then try to think of someone who was the opposite, someone who just seemed to be lost in a leadership position. Discuss how he or she led you to that impression of him or her. (Please do not share any names). 

2.  Having now studied the trait approach, skills approach, and behavioral approach, which seems to appeal the most to you to assess your current, past, or proposed future professional or personal situation? Share how you can use your preferred approach. If none of them resonate with you, explain why, and offer alternatives you find useful. 

3.   Reflect on a time when you worked on a team that had a clearly articulated goal, a clear path to the achievement of that goal, and a desirable personal outcome to the achievement of that goal. Now reflect on a time when you had the opposite situation: an ambiguous goal, multiple obstacles to overcome, and a lack of personally beneficial results (rewards). Briefly describe for the class each situation, identify which situation motivated you more, and explain why you were more motivated. In responding to your classmates, suggest possible actions that might have been taken to improve the lower motivation situation. 

350 words.