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( 2)I am about to send you out on a scouting trip! What I of this Module is  write a 1,000 – 1,300 word Public Space Essay! This should be fun… or, at least, I hope it’s fun! You will need to find a public space (not your home or a friend’s home) such as a school, park, library, theater, or store and observe what you find there. You will need to go to that public space or post a picture of that public space for me to see (though it will be much easier if you visit the space in person). In order to help you be successful with this field mission, we need to complete these tasks, listed belo

        MODULE 2 OVERVIEW(2)


If you can think, you can write. If you can speak, you can  write. If you have ideas or something you want to tell the world, you  can definitely write, Problem is, you know what you want to say but you  don’t know how to say it. That is the great struggle with writing; one  I’ve been wrestling with my whole writing career. The same problem  exists for the carpenter or the mason or the pipefitter. You know what  you want to do, you just have to do it. Second, you need the skills to  be able to do it, to write what you know you want to say. Therefore, we  will be focusing on these key elements to help you develop the skills  that will allow your hands to confess what is in your head:

 Head to My Hand/How Do I Get What’s in My Head on Paper?

1)The writing process: drafting, writing, revising

  • (2)Understand the basic components of an essay: introduction, body, and conclusion
  • (3)Demonstrate the ability to organize essays using appropriate rhetorical modes: Narrative and Descriptive
  • (4)Develop and improve their critical thinking skills: Learn what to look for and how to describe what you see
  • (5)Develop and practice good revising and editing skills: Revise thesis, revise content, and revise grammar