Option #1: Creating a Methodology—Essay Based on your review and analysis of the “Creating Methodology” case study (Kerzner, 2017, pp. 86-86), in a written essay paper, address the following assignment key elements:  Clearly and concisely define the construct of an enterprise project management methodology (EPM). Appraise the elements included the case study’s EPM. Clearly and concisely define the construct of a project management office (PMO). Critique the case study’s PMO structure in context of implementing the proposed EPM. Appraise the key requirements of the EPM required by John Compton. Differentiate the proposed project life cycle phases from the PMBOK® Guide (6th ed.) project life cycle phases. Identify specific aspects of a project management methodology that are distinctly unique to global organizations. Summarize how a project management system (PMS) can be used to support the case study’s EPM. Additional Instructions Be sure to properly organize your writing and include the following:  Cover page Introduction Body of your work in response to the assignment’s key elements, with headings and subheadings Conclusion List of references Appendices (as applicable). Consult the Sample Paper (Links to an external site.) template for more information on how to organize the paper.  The introduction, through conclusion sections of your paper, should be approximately 3-4 pages. Support your assignment with a minimum of three scholarly references.