401 Prompts for Argumentative Writing (Links to an external site.)

One you have selected a topic, create a basic outline for how you would approach a written response to the topic and build the structure of a potential argument. Include the following components in your outline.

a. Introduction

a. Hook: What would you use as a hook?

b. Background Information: What background information would you need to include for your audience to fully understand your topic and argument?

c. Thesis: What is your point of view on the issue?

b. Body

a. Main Ideas: What main ideas would you include in the body of your response?

b. Evidence: What types of evidence would you need to include to help support your main ideas?

c. Organization: What ideas should come first? How will your main ideas build on one another?

c. Conclusion

a. Synthesis: How will you recap your argument?

b. Method: What method will you use in your conclusion to engage the audience?

Be sure to review the reading for the week and the lesson to help guide your process. Your initial post should include your basic outline.


59. Do Boys Have Less Intense Friendships Than Girls?