· Self-Driving Cars: Autonomous vehicles require incredible data processing capabilities and system speeds needed to mimic the timing of human reflexes. Companies like Ouster are developing light imaging, detection, and ranging applications that are the key to standard improvements like lane control and adaptive cruise control. But are also turning fully autonomous vehicles into mobile data centers, allowing driverless cars to make real-time, complex decisions. Is this a good thing? Will society ultimately benefit from these technologies? Or will this trend put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work who drive for a living?


Components: Each Residency Project Paper will require that several parts be submitted in whole. 

· PART 1: INTRODUCTION – Your team must write an introduction section that introduces your topic – 500 to 800 words

· PART 2: HISTORY – Your team must write a history section. How did your research topic come to be over time? When was it introduced? What social shortcoming did it resolve? Why did it become popular or trendy? – 750 to 1000 words

· PART 3: ADVANCEMENTS and FAILURES – How did the first versions or early adopters perform? What portions of your subject did well? What failed? What aspects have been added over time? What has been eliminated? – 750 to 1000 words

· PART 4: FINAL CONCLUSION – Do you think your subject topic will grow? Do you think it will become obsolete? Why? What do you see as the future of your topic: Do you have any other recommendations? Will it be replaced? – 500 to 800 words

· PART 5: Accompanying PowerPoint presentation – your team will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present a PowerPoint presentation of your project. You must have a minimum of 5 slides but no more than 10 slides. The presentation should be interesting, brief, and informative – just the facts, no fluff or extra verbiage. Think of your presentation as a movie trailer. Short and to-the-point.

· APA format & References Page – a minimum of FIVE solid references. Your team’s research paper is to be written in complete and clean APA format. Your references do NOT have to be scholarly references. They can be commercial media references, but should be from professional organizations or magazine articles. NO WIKIPEDIA.

· The INTRO, HISTORY, and ADVANCEMENTS/FAILURES sections will be due throughout the course BEFORE the Residency. Your Team will collectively assemble all of the written sections, adding the Conclusion and the References Page as ONE RESEARCH PAPER for the Team and submit it on SUNDAY of the residency weekend.