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Identity might have a number of meanings. The word “identity” might refer to the race of an individual, their nationality, religion, or even orientation (Vignoles 1). An individual might identify himself or herself with other people when they have something in common. I believe that I have a strong passion for traveling, and thus traveling is regarded to be a part of my identity. In my point of view, traveling is one of those things in life that make people happy. In spite of the fact I have visited only a couple of countries, I believe that someday I can proudly say that I managed to visit all countries of this beautiful world. Therefore, I would like to dwell upon my identity as a traveler by explaining how important traveling is for me.  

One of the most important parts of my identity as a traveler refers to the fact that I have a constant desire to travel. It is obvious that any person might be considered as a traveler since all of us travel from time to time. Although this might refer to even any weekend trip to a nearby city, I am convinced that identity as a traveler goes much deeper. Having an identity as a traveler might refer to a state of mind. For instance, when I was at school, I always expected a new trip with my family. In other words, I thought about this all the time and even had dreams about my trips. 

Moreover, I can suggest that identity as a traveler does not only presuppose the process of traveling only but some other stages as well. By other stages, I mean planning the trip and getting prepared. Personally, I like the process of planning and getting prepared for the journey as equally as the very visit to a whole new place. This makes me feel very excited and helps me to focus on meeting new people and experiencing new things. I think that all stages of traveling are important and make you experience various emotions long before the very trip.  

In addition, my identity as a traveler is expressed by me constantly talking about my favorite places that I have visited so far or would like to visit. As I said, traveling is very important to me and has always been regarded as an integral part of my life. I always notice that light up instantly when somebody starts talking about traveling compared to when they start talking about either football game or some other things. I am convinced that I can talk about traveling for hours. The thing is that I like telling people about my experience as a traveler, though I also like to listen to people’s conversations about their favorite trips.

To sum up, I would like to indicate that I identify myself as a traveler for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am a person who constantly thinks about trips. I always try to imagine what my next trip would be like and what country I want to visit. Second of all, I am fond of all the stages of travel. Planning and getting ready for the trip makes me feel very excited. Thirdly, I can talk about traveling for a long time. I feel happy when I am engaged in conversations about trips. I believe that traveling is an integral part of my life that makes me happy and motivated.