Each reply must be at least 200 words and have 2–3 citations in current APA format as well as integrate 1 biblical principle. Acceptable sources include any of the assigned textbooks, the Bible, outside texts, and articles from peer-reviewed journals.

1. Rude and unjust behavior is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. I believe that as more companies arise and technology becomes more of a factor in the business environment, people and companies in general are becoming more “cut-throat” in their approach to their interactions. Companies are becoming more concerned with labor cost and their bottom line than they are with treating their employees and business counterparts with respect. 

A survey of 1,100 people was conducted where they asked if they believed if rudeness and incivility in the workplace was getting worse. Of the 1,100 people surveyed, seventy one percent said that they had experienced rudeness in the workplace to some extent and that they believed it was in fact getting worse. (Elias, 2001) A similar study also found that fifty three percent of the workplace incivility that they experienced came from their direct supervisors.(Azulay, 2007) This is unfortunate because nobody wants to have the fear of being chastised when they go to work. We all go to work for the same reason, which is to do our job and attempt to make a difference in our field. Even more alarming, but unfortunately not surprising, in that same study by Azulay, of the fifty three percent that said they had experienced rudeness from their supervisor, seventy percent of them were females saying that experienced incivility from their male superiors. Business is often seen as a “boys club” so it is not surprising to learn that many of these instances occurred to females. Many business use this rude approach to their business because they believe being strict and holding a firm line will improve the success of their business. It actually has the opposite affect however because it lowers morale and it does not make people want to put their best foot forward for the company.

Luke 6:31 says “and as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” This should always be remembered when conducting business as well. Everybody wants to boast their bottom line and get the best results for their business but this can be accomplished without be rude and uncivil to one another. You get out of this world, what you put into it. We should always try to stay kind in any setting we find ourselves in. 

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The Holy Bible, King  James Version 

2. Are Americans becoming ruder in their interactions with one another in the business environment? These two scholarly articles discuss the research to this question. Statistics show that in fact Americans overall have become ruder towards co-workers. The Harvard Business Review article states, “And nearly all of us are affected by rudeness and other types of workplace misbehavior, like interrupting and exclusion: Estimates suggest 98% of employees are on the receiving end over the course of a year” (Why People Get Away with Being Rude at Work, 2019). The overwhelming conclusion from both articles find that because Americans have become overly stressed in all areas of their life, their attitudes spill over into work. Personally, I can attest to this. I have witnessed this in action, as well at times have found myself being the same way when I over-extend. 

Nowadays, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a solid reason to act the way they do when at work. I’m not saying this is right, or is an excuse to be rude, I just know everyone is going through something. Unfortunately, we have all had poor management skills of these emotions at one point or another. It is completely unprofessional to be rude to co-workers, however I can see the root of the issue. Americans tend to take on more than we can handle, myself included. Therefore, our emotions are getting the best of us at inappropriate places. My question, is how can we fix this? What can we do to lower these statistics? I hear stories from family and friends all the time about rudeness in the workplace. My parents always taught me that if someone is mistreating you, there is more than likely a bigger issue taking place. I believe we need to prioritize our lives better. I believe we need to make better decisions in our personal lives. I believe we need to take better care of ourselves. This way, we can be the best us, and will be less likely to take our issues out on the people (co-workers) around us. 


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