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Sociology 174

Sociology of the Family

Homework #1

Due Wednesday, January 21

Directions: Please answer these questions on paper and staple this page to it. (double-spaced typed, please.)

Readings: Public and private family charpter1-4

Black family chapter 1

Requirements: Answer straight forward, no length limit

1. Explain how the notions of Public and Private Families differ.

2. Why are emotional satisfaction and romantic love more important in American family life than they were 100 years ago?

3. In particular, how is Exchange Theory said to work with families?

4. What concerns does Cherlin raise about individualism and the family?

5. What functions have families traditionally performed?

6. What do reports of transgenderism teach us about gender?

7. Do you believe that ”doing gender” in daily life is strong enough to maintain the gender differences we see in society?

8. What is the biosocial approach to gender differences?

9. What is meant by “social structure”?

10. What advantages accsrue to children with college educated parents who engaged in “concerted cultivation”?