Post a polished skills, competencies, and capabilities analysis that responds to each of the prompts below:

  1. Use your best judgment, based on the information in the case and your research, and rate Trader Joe’s current profile of skills, competencies, and capabilities, as identified in the detailed value chain in the case supplemental document. Fill your rating in the table and explain your rating. Use the following scale to rate and state any assumptions you make:    
    • If the skill, competency, or capability is “World Class” (clearly best in industry and could be benchmark for other industries), rate the item a 10.
    • If the skill, competency, or capability is “Industry Best” (clearly number 1 or 2 in the industry), rate the item an 8.
    • If the skill, competency, or capability is “Industry Average,” rate the item a 5.
    • If the skill, competency, or capability “Needs Improvement,” rate the item a 3.
    • If the skill, competency, or capability is a “Critical Deficiency,” rate the item a 1.
  2. What is your average rating (which assumes that all the skills, competencies, and capabilities in the value chain were equally important)? Does this average tell you anything? What?
  3. What three skills, competencies, or capabilities, across all categories, do you think are strategically the most important in the industry? Why?
  4. Based on your responses above, does Trader Joe’s have the capabilities in place to win? To continue to win? Why?
  5. What should Trader Joe’s do right now to leverage its competitive strengths and mitigate or improve upon competitive weaknesses?

Be sure to integrate concepts and quotes from this week’s readings. To obtain an exemplary assessment, you must also integrate at least one resource from the Walden MBA Program Capstone Bibliography as well.

General Guidance: Your original post, due by Day 3, will contain two elements:

  1. Your summary response to questions 2–5 above (4 single-spaced paragraphs) APA formatthat will be the body of the Discussion text area
  2. Your completed version of the Trader Joe’s supplemental table, which you should attach to your response (make sure to rename the file and append your last name first initial to the file name)

Case Study and Template Attached