Part 1

You were tasked to identify 4 vulnerabilities for various network assets. Discuss the following:

· Discuss the vulnerabilities and consolidate the list of vulnerabilities and assets.

· Rank the top 6 most vulnerable assets.

· Review the 4 controls/policies from the Unit 4 Discussion Board assignment.

· Pick 4, one from each of the areas (Entity, Network, Operating Systems, and Web/Databases).

· Decide why each was chosen.

Should be 3-4 pages

Part 2

Create a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation (speaker notes per slide) on the following:

· Simulate an audit of the information systems.

· Describe how the team would approach an audit of the 6 assets against the controls from the group project discussion.

· Describe the types of tests that would be performed and any anticipated findings that could arise based on the climate described to this point for PVSS.