Your team charter, a written agreement among members, will identify  the team’s purpose and its members’ mutually-agreed upon expectations  and contributions. By developing this charter, each member will clearly  understand his/her team responsibilities.Team charters encourage members  to build more trusting relationships with one another. Although team  charters may vary, the basic components include the team’s mission,  goals, performance agreement, and evaluation standards. Working  collaboratively, your team will develop a charter using your assigned  discussion board.

Start your assignment by reviewing the requirements outlined in the Team Project Report and Presentation Guidelines for  the Final Team Project. You will work on the paper and presentation in a  collaborative environment to reach the team project milestones. A Team  Charter is the first of six milestones.

Your team charter should include the following elements:

  1. Mission Statement – A mission statement states the purpose of your team and identifies what your team must accomplish.
  2. Team Vision – Clearly and concisely state the ideal outcome of your team’s efforts.
  3. Team Identity – Team identity includes a team name and  logo (optional) that represent the composition of your team, as well as a  roster of each member’s name, phone number, email address, an  assessment of each member’s strengths (include the role that each team  member will perform during the team project).
  4. Boundaries – Clarify the values, policies, and  procedures your team supports that cannot be violated; the decisions the  team can make on its own versus needed permission from others; the  activities that are legitimate for the team to engage in; and the  stakeholders affected by the team’s activities.
  5. Operating Guidelines – Describe your team structure and  the processes you will use, including how the leader(s) will function;  how decisions will be made; how work will be allocated (such as who on  the team will be responsible for submitting the upcoming M4A2  Assignment: Outline); how team members will communicate; and how  conflict will be managed.

Please download the attached Team Charter Template [DOCX, File Size 16.2 KB] to develop your Team Charter. Your final team charter should be 1-2 pages in length. Use APA formatting with Times New Roman, 12-font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.