Assignment 1

Compose three HIGH QUALITY multiple choice questions relating to content found in Chapter 9 of your textbook.  Number each question #1, #2, or #3. Each question should have four possible answers.  List each answer choice as A, B, C, or D. Make your questions challenging.  Do not make it obvious which answer is the best choice. Do not copy any phrases or sentences directly from the textbook.  Instead, read and learn the information presented, and then put the information into your own words as you develop the questions and answer choices for your assignment. Do NOT post the answers to the questions in your Assignment Post.   Post your Assignment Post, containing all three of the multiple choice questions that you have developed, in the Topic 9 Discussion section of your D2L website before the deadline stated above.

Assignment 2

Response Post #1:

Select one of your classmate’s Assignment Posts.   TRY TO SELECT A CLASSMATE’S QUIZ THAT NO ONE HAS TAKEN YET, IF POSSIBLE. Answer all three questions that your classmate has developed. Number your answers #1, #2, and #3. Each answer will have four parts/components: 1)  Write the letter of the answer that you think is the best answer.   2)  THEN type out the answer choice that you have selected and put that answer in quotation marks. 3)  THEN state the reason WHY you selected that answer as being the best answer.  Do not just type “Because it’s in the book”, or “Because that’s the right answer”.  Instead, you are to provide an explanation of why that is the best answer, based on what you have learned in Chapter 9.   4)  THEN, in parentheses, list the page number where you located the answer in Chapter 9. Example of how to answer one of your classmate’s quiz questions:   2.  


“78% of the population in the Midwest states are of European American background.” (Note: PUT THE TYPED OUT ANSWER IN QUOTATION MARKS)

I selected this answer because it is described in Chapter 9 that, in the Midwest, approximately 16%-36% of the population are minorities, and approximately 78% of the population in the Midwest are European American.  

(page 288)     (Note: PUT THE PAGE NUMBER IN PARENTHESES) You’ll do that for all three of questions that your classmate developed.

Response Post #2:

Now, select another classmate’s quiz.   Answer all three questions that the classmate developed for his/her quiz.   

Answer the three questions using the same format that you did in Response Post #1, including all four components to each of your answers. So you will have a developed a total of three questions relating to Chapter 9; and, you will have answered a total of six questions relating to Chapter 9. Post your one Assignment Post and your two Response Posts in the Topic 9 DISCUSSION section of your Psy310 MyLeoOnline/D2L website.

Grading of the quizzes that your classmates have taken:

Once someone takes your “quiz”, answering the three questions that you developed, you are to score what they have done by replying to their Response Post and advising them about which questions they answered correctly, and which they answered incorrectly.  Provide explanations as necessary.   If no one takes the quiz that you developed, that will not affect your grade for this assignment.