Assignment Objectives and Notes:

Please note that the point values below are supplementary to those in your main writing guidelines and apply only to this particular assignment.

  1. Student selects an article of not less than 1000 words in length as the focus of the assignment.  Note that Internet sites without peer review, books, and the textbook are NOT appropriate sources for this article. (Journal articles retrieved from the Internet using our library’s article databases are of course acceptable)
  2. Article is relevant to the course’s area of focus in anthropology, as demonstrated by clear statements in the student’s introduction to and analysis of the article. For example, a student in a cultural anthropology course should not select an article about the genetics of Mad Cow Disease.
  3. Student writes a 3-5 page paper (typed, double-spaced) about the article.
  4. Paper includes a short (1-2 paragraphs) summary of major points in the article.
  5. Remainder of paper critically analyzes the article’s content, focusing on its relevance to the course material, and including references to topics covered in the text as needed, with appropriate references.
  6. Students should use other sources in the completion of this paper.  Be sure to cite these other sources, however!
  7. Paper is properly formatted in APA format. 
  8. A separate “references cited” page is required, as is a title page in APA format.  No abstract is necessary.  Title pages and references cited pages do not count toward your 3-5 full body pages!
  9. This paper will be graded according to the written guidelines/rubric discussed in class, modified by the above requirements.