Review the website of your field experience placement or another early childhood facility. How does the philosophy, mission, and vision of the school/facility, directly or indirectly, address the topic of safety of young children?

WBES/DELC Mission Statement

The Whale Branch Elementary / James J. Davis Early Childhood Center’s mission is to provide a superior educational experience in an arts infused environment which promotes a belief that all students are capable of learning and becoming successful personally and academically, provides collaborative learning experiences, and invites families and community members to be part of the process.

WBES/DELC Vision Statement
We envision our school to be achievement driven with expectations for SUCCESS:

S – Students are at the center of the decisions we make

U – Understanding that positive attitudes and collaboration are essential

C – Communication and cooperation positively impact student performance

C – Community members and families are part of the team

E – Effective teachers create engaging learning experiences every day

S – Self-respect and respect for others make students accountable for their actions

S – Setting rigorous goals and having high expectations will yield positive results

Student Performance: All students will progress towards mastery of Common Core State Standards.

Staff: Staff will ensure student’s growth and development through helping to create an environment in which all staff members work collaboratively, maintain a positive attitude, and always put students first.

Facilities, Support, and Instructional Resources: Our environment will be safe, technology rich, and able to support all learners.

Parent and Community Involvement: A collaborative team whose members fully understand how their involvement positively impacts students.