1. Listen (at least from 3:48-16:30 )to Mark Blitzstein talking about his work THE CRADLE WILL ROCK:
Marc Blitzstein discusses THE CRADLE WILL ROCK

OR watch the excerpt from 38:20- 43:02 of episode 3 of the series “Broadway: The American Musical”:

(3/6) Broadway – the American Musical (2004) – Julie Andrews

and be sure to read Miller pp 39-42.

  • What happened on opening night, and why?
  • Can you think of any other musical theater shows in recent (say, the last 25) years with an equally political message? 
  • If not, can you find a pop (or rock/folk/etc) song – any era – with a strong political message? 
  • post a link if possible

 2. Consider this timeline of musicals from 1933-1942:

Be sure to click on a year to see the pop-up info

  • Choose ONE performer mentioned and
  • Describe their body of work, with careful attention paid to the 1930s.
  • What is your favorite performance of theirs and
  • Why?
  • Post a link if possible

3. Choose ONE section of the Stempel reading (available in this week’s module) to do a close reading.

The Gershwins (pp 250-263); or 

Cole Porter (pp 263-275); or 

Rodgers and Hart (pp 275-287)

  • How would you describe the style of the writer(s)?
  • What made him/them unique?
  • Choose one song of his/theirs from the era (1930s) and
  • Discuss its importance within that show (e.g. is it crucial to the show, or secondary; is it beloved, and why or why not?)
  • Post a link if possible