First, I want you to copy one paragraph from your Paper I: Study One Literature Review and paste it into your discussion forum for this chapter (I prefer you do the opening paragraph, but you can actually copy any paragraph except the final paragraph). Whichever paragraph you copy, it MUST have one citation in it (I’ll tell you why in the next paragraph). Then I want you to give feedback to two other students about their paragraph. It can be positive feedback, but it would be more helpful to give them some hints about ways it can be improved. If there are APA formatting errors, please let them know.

Second, I want you to provide a reference for the article you cited in your copied paragraph.  I want each group member to create two references for the same paper you cited in your copied paragraph. ONE of these references should have correct APA formatting and the other should have incorrect APA formatting (for example, it can have an incorrect & somewhere; it can have first names of authors included; it might have italics for words that should not be italicized, etc.) Label one as A and the other as B, and post both in your group discussion after your copied paragraph. When giving feedback to your two group members, tell them which reference you think is correct and which one you think is incorrect and why you think the second one is incorrect.