Relate at least three poems by three different, diverse, notable authors, through the lens of ethnic studies/postcolonial criticism to  to one of the following works we have previously studied:

“Sonny’s Blues”

Passing Strange

The Awakening

A Doll’s House

By diverse, I mean I want you to cross cultures, gender.  Find Asian women who relate to Baldwin.  Find Black men who relate to Chopin. How does Ibsen relate to a Middle Eastern poet? Don’t just search for it and repeat what the first page of Google says.  Be creative.  Be smart.  I also want a scene from Rebels, a Journey Underground included.

Don’t use any poems previously discussed in the class and please, absolutely no more poems about caged birds. Make sure the poem comes from a reputable source, such as  a literary journal (use a library database) or (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


1,500 words excluding Works Cited page

MLA Format

Works cited page should contain at least 6 examples of your own research — a combination of literary criticism (1 – 2) and primary sources (4 -5).

The works cited page will also contain the three poems, assigned text, and Rebels, a Journey Underground and  for a total of 11 sources.

Make sure you review the MLA Format discussion and example 2019.docxPreview the document

Paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.