VI. 1.  As advancements in technology affect the way organizations operate, discuss ways technology (automation, information technology, the Internet, innovation) alter the way organizations plan and operate.  

2.  How has technological advancement affected your life and the way you do your work in your organization?

3.  Please use class material to support your answer.



Advancements in technology affect the way of many things in organizations’ operations are done in many different ways.  Automation is already in play with factories when boxing and shipping was once done by a human it is now done by a computer controlling it.  Information technology is used widely in most if not all businesses now days.  In my line of work we have all of our records and scheduling through a computer based program.  The internet effects it by buying and selling on line.  It is easier to purchase something with a click on Amazon vs having to drive, park then go inside a store to purchase something.  Technological advancements has effected my life by making it easier for me to function in a daily task.  I hat e saying that but it is true.  Take this school, all on line which saves me the time and money having to go to a classroom to take a class.  Within my job we only use computers to do our daily work.  Whether making appointments or emailing with our doctors it has become so much easier having everything in one place versus the old way with charts and having to hunt someone down to ask a question.