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face recognition access control system


With the rapid development of social economy, the comfort and safety of living environment has become the first choice for people to live in.More and more attention has been paid to the important role of the access control system in the safe living environment.At present, the domestic access control system mainly consists of card equipment, fingerprint equipment or password.These identification methods require close proximity, which is inconvenient when the user’s hands are occupied, as well as the risk of CARDS or passwords being lost, forgotten, copied, and stolen, as well as the high cost.But fingerprint identification, which is cracked by the popular fingerprint set on the Internet, is even more alarming.How to make the access control system of the community really achieve security, intelligence, convenience, become all the citizens most look forward to, and at this time face recognition access control system, truly solve the residents in, out and visitors to the management of guests, but also to the community, building security form an effective high security management.

Face recognition access control system mainly collects face information through the camera, which is compared with the huge face template in the background to confirm that the residents in the community or on the floor can pass freely.In this way, even if you forget to take a magnetic card, fingerprint deformation, forget the password, will not be blocked in the community gate, “face” access, safety and health.

Face entrance guard in the public park, government office buildings and other places of using facial recognition technology in the entrance guard system for traffic authority “keys”, through the snap face and the face of a pre-recorded libraries, for different regions, different in and out of the rights of access control points, the different time period, through the face of this special “card” to do judgment, control the opening of building entrance guard system.The main face recognition control equipment, on the basis of the face but also with IC card, fingerprint and other ways to do combination verification, in the security is further strengthened and guaranteed.

Face recognition entrance guard face brake machine is one of the representative of the product, face brake machine is through the facial recognition system to realize personnel management, personnel, warehousing and compare record function of the product, mainly through prior to import photos to the database or the scene brush face way, check out staff identity consistency, and query the visiting records, such as export operation.

2 The introduction

Common face access control applications mainly have the following functions:

1. Internal and external personnel diversion management, VIP visitor experience upgrade

By entering personnel information into the database, internal personnel can directly brush their faces in and out of the gate, and external visitors only need to simply register information and brush their faces to enter. Intelligent face recognition greatly saves the time of personnel entering and leaving, and personnel visits can be efficiently and orderly managed.For VIP visitors, the administrator can input the image in the face database in advance. When visitors visit, they do not need to register, and they can directly brush the face to pass through, so as to improve the image of the enterprise.

2. Infrared face recognition, security upgrade with high accuracy

The face brake adopts infrared face recognition technology with strong anti-interference, which can reduce the influence of illumination and other external environment and position, accurately extract the face attributes for dynamic comparison with real people, and greatly reduce the recognition error.Access is not possible when the person fails to match the information in the database.This ensures the safety of those who enter the site. Unregistered outsiders and non-residents cannot enter the site by impersonating others, or even take photos of others.

3. Multi-entry data interconnection, realizing cross-gate management

In the case that the same unit has multiple entrances, multiple face gate can be assembled. Face gate in different regions has a unified database and terminal management platform, enabling face gate in various regions to realize data interconnection and carry out unified management of multiple entrances.Specific to different units, will also be based on the actual situation to develop the corresponding customized face brake solution.

4.Face recognition access control function

The population of the community is concentrated, and the access of people is complicated, including relatives and friends, delivery delivery, and unknown strangers.Due to the large flow of people and energy problems of management personnel, the management of entrance and exit has not been ideal, plus the loss of magnetic card, password leakage, fingerprint theft and other problems can not be effectively solved, many illegal people take the opportunity to sneak in, leading to frequent security incidents in the community.

Face recognition access control system, combined with face recognition, face comparison, Internet of things and other technologies to achieve identity cross-verification, to assist community management personnel accurate user identity.It is understood that due to the intuitive face and the characteristics of not easy to be copied, face recognition access control system can effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving the community at will, reduce the frequency of community security incidents as far as possible, and strengthen the community security system.

With the rapid development of face recognition technology, face recognition access control optimization further.At present, the recognition rate of face recognition technology is no longer affected by cosmetic technology, portrait photos, mask models, day and night and other external factors.It is extremely difficult for a stranger to enter a community by disguise.

Compared with traditional fingerprint, magnetic card and other access control system management, face recognition access control system is more intelligent and convenient in management application.Previous community personnel changes, the need to timely replacement of fingerprints, magnetic CARDS and keys.After face recognition access control is put into application, new users only need face information at the community management office level to enter and leave freely, which greatly saves the management cost of community personnel change.

As the first security of living environment, the importance of access control system is self-evident. The design of access control system has gradually become the focus of the security market.In the current artificial intelligence technology blossoming, face recognition a new force, with the help of dongfeng, to promote face recognition access control further into the market.At present, face recognition access control system has been applied in finance, security, education, office, building management and other fields.

3 company profile

The company is a professional supplier of door control equipment.Provide automatic door equipment, access control equipment, monitoring equipment, alarm and so on, develop and customize a variety of automatic door control system, production of teng shun TS brand: automatic door, access control equipment, monitoring equipment and alarm.

Company is a high level of professional service and technical support is that we always stick to promise, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, is responsible for the quality of product better, follow the “user is god” service tenet, insist on the principle of wholeheartedly for customer service, all our company to undertake the project, after-sales service, after receiving the repair service, solve the problem within 1 working day in the Shanghai area, emergency reach the site within 2 hours.Provides automatic door access control and monitoring equipment wholesale sales, design, production, installation, maintenance services, professional engaged in intelligent automatic induction door, revolving door, automatic revolving door (manual), circular 90 degrees, automatically open the door, automatic door opened the door and a variety of intelligent imports domestic networking entrance guard series, the company’s business scope in east China and throughout the country, the company adhere to the “good faith treat people”, “honest” as the criterion, in order to “professional casting brand”, “dedicated to lead development” for the idea, to the international domestic first-class standard, advanced automatic door industry to provide excellent products to China, for modern architecture wrote the magnificent words of the new.

Mainly sells the world first-class, automatic induction door control products have Panasonic automatic door automatic doors of Panasonic, field, Siemens, entrance guard, KABA entrance guard system, Panasonic iris entrance guard system, Panasonic monitoring equipment, monitoring equipment, monitoring and control device of NCC provide induction door automatic revolving door, entrance guard system, monitoring equipment sales, engineering consulting, project design, technical guidance, installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance services.

Technical advantages — with advanced gate control technology, can design and develop gate control system according to your requirements, customized automatic doors and access control and mechanical and electronic equipment linkage control, teng shun gate control has a number of national patent certificates.

Service advantage — formal training, select the best to work, the installation and debugging of technicians after the formal professional training of tengshun gate control company, through the assessment of qualified to obtain the job qualification, the company has a professional maintenance team to ensure timely after-sales service.

4 Business developmentDesign, manufacture and install CCTV monitoring system products, anti-theft alarm products and access control system products;Undertaking weak current system engineering;Wholesale and retail of TV monitoring, anti-theft alarm and access control equipment;To carry out the production and sales of eight technical services and developed products and related business activities in the professional field of electronic information technology and its products;Engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies.(if an enterprise’s operation involves an administrative license, it shall operate with the license)Hikvision’s long-term investment logic is simple and clear:At home: the Chinese government attaches great importance to the stable development of the country. The living standards of the Chinese people are improving.Security industry will be more and more important, and will be a long-term development.International: instability overseas, frequent terrorist attacks and hostage-taking incidents in Europe and the United States, serious problems of robbery and theft in developing countries.If countries seek economic development, they must ensure political and social stability. Security is an important guarantee for social stability.Development of times: as we enter the new era of cloud intelligence, the company started from security, and now has become the world’s first in security field. With cameras all over the world, hikvision can naturally enter into the field of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and AI.The company has a first-mover advantage in the new era.The company is a video as the core of the Internet of things solutions and data operation service provider, to provide security, visual management and big data services to the world.Hikvision has audio codec, video image processing, audio data storage and other core technology, and cloud computing, big data, forward-looking technology such as deep learning, aiming at the public security, transportation, justice, health education, financial, energy and intelligent building, and many other industries to provide designed industry breakdown products, the IVM intelligent visualization management solutions and data services.The company is a video technology as the core, and USES the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, deep learning and other forward-looking technology to provide security services;The company’s business is faced with a variety of industrial scenarios, such as public security, transportation, justice, culture, education and health, finance, energy and intelligent buildings, etc.The company has become the world leader in the field of security and defense. Based on video technology, the company has extended its business to smart home, industrial automation, automotive electronics and other industries, opening up new space for sustainable development.From the perspective of the industry:Security will play an increasingly important role at home and abroad, belonging to a sunrise industry;The security field can be applied to a variety of industrial scenarios, with huge development space;The future is the era of “cloud thing wisdom”. Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, deep learning and other technologies will be deeply involved in the whole social transformation.In the era of “cloud intelligence”, technological innovation will be very fierce and competition among companies will also be fierce. In particular, giants such as BAT and huawei will devote most of their energy to it.In this era of winner-takes-all, who will ultimately win;Or a hundred schools of thought contend, huge space can feed many manufacturers?We don’t know yet.From the perspective of the company:Core competence:Technology: with technology as the core, the company provides security services by utilizing forward-looking technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and deep learning.The company has accumulated profound technology in more than ten years of development, and the annual r&d investment of the company accounts for about 7-8% of the sales revenue. The relatively high level of r&d investment enables the company to maintain the r&d resource investment for a long time. The good operation system enables the r&d team to continuously conquer the cutting-edge technology and launch innovative products leading the industry.In addition to huawei, dahua and other companies with complete industrial chains can pose threats, it is hard for other small companies to be in danger of subversion.. Professional aspects: in the industry segment in the process of constant cooperation, the company has had a lot of depth in industry/business experience, enables the company to understand user needs, and constantly launch, landing and perfect in the solution of the loop, hone products and software, promote the company’s system integration ability, allows the company to rapid iteration applicable solutions, more and more close to the user at the core of management.This kind of empirical ability is a long-term, multi-dimensional accumulation, and with the continuous iteration of user needs and in-depth refinement, can not be directly copied or quickly obtained.Market perspective: it has developed into the world’s no.1 market share in just over ten years. Security is a highly professional industry. Once used by customers, it is difficult for other manufacturers to enter.If haikang itself does not make big mistakes, it is easy to maintain its leading position in the security field.Business status:The operation of the company is excellent. From the analysis of the annual reports of the last five years, it can be clearly seen that the company has good cash flow and very little debt. Its control over upstream and downstream suppliers is strengthened year by year, and the turnover speed of inventory is improved year by year.I will also explain these in detail in the following financial analysis.Management:The management of the company is relatively stable, and most of them are in their 40s and 50s. The management of the company will remain stable for a long time.Many of the company’s senior executives have been competing for the company’s shares in recent years, and the proportion of dividends has been increasing year by year, indicating that the management is also very responsible to shareholders.To sum up the simple analysis above, the company is a very excellent enterprise, in the promising industry.The future development of the company is huge, the core competitiveness is strong, the internal operation is stable, the management of the company is responsible to the shareholders.Technology is evolving very quickly because of the industry the company is in.5. Business environment analysis5.1 market and industry analysisStatistics show that the total value of China’s security industry reached 540 billion yuan in 2016, with the industry accounting for 7% of the GDP. The growth rate of the domestic security market is significantly higher than the global average.It is estimated that in 2017, the total value of China’s security market was about 590 billion yuan.Figure 1: changes in the total output value of China’s security industry from 2011 to 2017 (unit: RMB 100 million)China’s security market structure is increasingly rational, forming a relatively complete security industry chain of upstream scientific research and development, midstream production and manufacturing, sales agents, construction design, downstream maintenance and maintenance, alarm operation, intermediary services.According to statistics, China’s security engineering accounted for 57% of the total output value of the security industry, security products accounted for 35%, alarm operation services and other accounts for 8%.Figure 2: market structure of China’s security industry (unit: %)Security product market structureAccording to the data in 2016, video surveillance accounted for 51% of the market share of security products.Entrance and exit controls account for 14% of the market;Intercom/smart home accounts for 10% of the market;Anti-theft alarms account for 8% of the market;Platforms account for 3% of the market;Physical protection and other market size security products accounted for 14% of the market share.Figure 3: market structure of security products in China (unit: %)The market development status of entrance and exit control access control systemEntrance and exit control is an important part of security field, is the inevitable demand of digital society, is also an important part of urban information construction.The development has become a set of modern, functional management system, it on the entry and access management has long been beyond the simple door lock and key management.In 2016, the output value of China’s import and export control system reached 26.6 billion yuan, and the growth rate slowed down in the past four years, with an average compound annual growth rate of about 4%.It is estimated that the output value of the import and export control system was about 27.7 billion yuan in 2017.Figure 4: output value of China’s import and export control system from December 2012 to 2017 (unit: RMB 100 million)The access control system is a subcategory of the entrance and exit control products.In recent years, with the induction card technology, the development of biological recognition technology, entrance guard system get the leap type development, entered the mature period, the induction card entrance guard system, fingerprint entrance guard system, iris, entrance guard system, face recognition entrance guard system, out-of-order keyboard entrance guard system and technology system in safety, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own special features, application fields of entrance guard system is becoming more and more widely.With the continuous expansion of government investment in large-scale infrastructure projects and the rapid development of industrial market, the market size of domestic access control system products reached 12.7 billion yuan in 2016, with an average compound growth rate of 30% in 4 years.It is estimated that the market size of China’s access control system products was about 16.5 billion yuan in 2017.Figure 5: market size of access control system in China from December 2012 to 2017 (unit: RMB 100 million)Market trend forecast of access control system in 2020At present, security electronic products are more concentrated in the application fields of finance, transportation, education and other industries, while the application in the fields of family, community, shops and other fields is relatively less, and has not yet formed a scale and industrialization.Electronic security products, especially access control systems, on the basis of effective integration with Internet of things, three networks, mobile Internet and other technologies, are realizing a series of home monitoring, mobile phone monitoring, smart home and other solutions and products for such security market.In the future, the market development of access control system in China will be networked, biometrics and integrated.In the future, the import and export control industry will grow into a new type of smart industry, while access control belongs to high-frequency application. Based on this, combined with the development demand of vertical industry intelligence upgrade, the access control system has a stronger growth momentum.It is estimated that the market size of access control system will reach 29.4 billion yuan in 2023.Chart 6: market trend analysis of access control system5.2 competition analysis1. Shanghai qichen access control technology co., LTDDistribution of the wholesale installation of induction door, repair induction door, installation of induction door, repair induction door best-selling consumer market, in the consumer enjoys a higher status, the company and a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship.Shanghai qichen access control technology co., LTD. Distribution of the installation of induction door, repair induction door, installation induction door, repair induction door variety, reasonable price.Shanghai qichen access control technology co., LTD. Strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, with a variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of the majority of customers.2. Shanghai access control system Shanghai zhitai intelligent technology co., LTDLocated in Shanghai, China, Shanghai access control system Shanghai zhitai intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a private limited liability company that distributes and wholesals access control installation, access control system, fingerprint access control, card access control, password access control, Shanghai access control and other products.Shanghai access control system Shanghai zhitai intelligent technology co., LTD manages access control installation, access control system, fingerprint access control, card access control, password access control, Shanghai access control best-selling consumer market.Shanghai access control system Shanghai zhitai intelligent technology co., LTD. ‘s products enjoy a high status among consumers, the company and a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship.Shanghai access control system Shanghai to tai intelligent technology co., LTD. Distribution of access control installation, access control system, fingerprint access control, card access control, password access control, Shanghai access control varieties complete, reasonable price.Shanghai access control system Shanghai to Thailand intelligent technology co., LTD. Strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure the quality of products, with a variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of the majority of customers.3. Shanghai security electronics co., LTDFounded on August 12, 1996, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of video surveillance products. It also undertakes the construction of large-scale surveillance system projects in the field of government and transportation.The company adheres to the principle of independent innovation in product research and development and has obtained seven national patents in recent years.By virtue of excellent product quality and professional pre-sale and after-sales service, we have won the affirmation from all aspects of the society including the majority of customers.Since 2000, it has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Shanghai science and technology commission for more than 10 years.It is the council member of Chinese society public security association and the vice chairman unit of the first Shanghai security alarm association.With Shanghai public security bureau issued by the design and construction of security engineering license (level 3), and through the iso9001:2008 international product quality system certification.In 2007, SD5 series high-speed balls of the company were successively awarded as Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project and Shanghai innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises.After more than ten years of operation, the company has established a set of strict and efficient ERP management system.Long-term committed to the development of video surveillance technology, has a high quality, the execution of the strong r&d team, in recent years has developed a number of domestic advanced video monitoring products, with its innovative design ideas, sophisticated manufacturing technology and stable product quality is highly evaluated by the masses of users, in zhejiang, fujian, anhui, hebei, hunan, guangdong, shandong, shanxi, yunnan, sichuan, guangxi, xinjiang, Shanghai highway tolls, is widely used in the monitoring system, the ministry of public security, public security and xinyu party leaders praise.2008 fujian province highway network equipment supplier;In 2009, the company won the bid to become the equipment supplier of major large-scale projects such as Shanghai expressway system upgrading project, Shanghai hongqiao hub video monitoring system and Shanghai expo video monitoring system project, and was awarded the expo honor certificate issued by the bureau of Shanghai world expo coordination.In 2011, I became the equipment supplier of the security system project of longgong (Shanghai) industrial park south district.In 2010, the company cooperated with AXXON, the third largest company in the world, and became the general agent of AXXON’s intelligent security system products in China.Since 2010, the company has started the development of digital products. It has developed a 1080p high-definition network camera and put it into use in many projects.The purpose of the company is to provide high and middle grade products for high school users in the field of security video surveillance, surpass the international first-line brand products in terms of product technology, performance, indicators and quality, maintain the leading level in China, and become a professional product provider with excellent product characteristics.After years of efforts, Shanghai security electronics co., ltd. has become a technology company with a certain influence in China, with first-class domestic video surveillance products and technology, these products are the current market mainstream products, the market prospect is huge.5.3 location analysisThe company is located in xuhui district commercial city, we have carried on the analysis to the position competition, has the very big advantage.The following factors are considered comprehensively.After the analysis of business district, choice, and analyze the store location and selection, because in the same business area, there may be a few open a shop location selection, want to choose a best to open place, must also be on the site of the alternative opening conditions and influence factors to conduct a comprehensive analysis.Analyze the type of passenger flow.Store customer flow can be divided into three types: one is their own customer flow;Second, share the passenger flow;The third is derived passenger flow.Analysis of passenger flow target, speed and retention time.Although the size of passenger flows may be the same at different locations, their purpose, speed and duration of stay may be different. Specific analysis is required.For example, in the vicinity of some public places and main roads, although the passenger flow is large, but the purpose of the passenger flow is not for shopping, at the same time, the passenger flow speed is fast, and the retention time is short.Analyze the passenger flow on both sides of the street.The same street, due to the influence of traffic conditions, lighting conditions, public facilities and road habits, the two sides of the passenger flow scale is often different.Therefore, we should try to choose the location of the store on the side with high customer flow.Analysis of terrain characteristics is to choose the location of high visibility shop.Generally speaking, the opposite side of some large public places is the section with high visibility.Location layout refers to the relative location of a store within a business district or shopping center.Generally speaking, the corner position is often very ideal, it is located at the intersection of two streets or two pedestrian passages, can produce “corner effect”.In addition, we should also consider the relationship between the specific location of the store and the surrounding environment, whether there is spatial elasticity, whether the road surface is flat or inclined, lighting conditions and so on.Store location at the end of the procedure is to evaluate the future benefit of shops, mainly including the number of people after a day on average, to store the number, the number of shopping and each shopper’s average order, etc., at the same time, also calculate the cost details, on the basis of measuring the economic benefits of the future shop, to finally decide whether to open a shop.References:[1] wang wenan.Jinzhong daily news, 2017-03-15 (001).[2] Chen xuqin.Urban image communication and media responsibility under the background of “One Belt And One Road” [J]. 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