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question-post portforlio and why you choose your postion and work

student response

I chose the company Nike which is in the retail industry. Nike is known to sell shoes, clothes, gear, and more. Their main focus is on the athletic industry. The position I decided to choose was the product manager. The product manager is responsible for knowing every little spec about each product. They are also responsible for focusing in on the little details of products and features. They are the ones that drive what features will be available in the future. The production manager is responsible for working with customers as well in regards to taking care of any problem products. They must also collect data and use that within their team. The link provided below includes all of the responsibilities of this specific position. For this position you must have more than just a high school diploma and associates. You must also have lots of experience within the industry. 

I am interested in this position because I always wanted to work for Nike because I purchase a lot from them. I have cousins that have worked for Nike and they enjoy it a lot. I actually applied for a part time position and was hired. I attended orientation and then was accepted in a university that was in a different city, so I had to move. However, during the orientation I was able to meet the product manager and hear a lot of the cool things that he gets to do. For instance, he gets to include his input in the making of new products. For example, when I was in orientation years ago, the product manager showed us a product that was being worked on for a future release. This product was a shoe that qould automatically lace up when you put your foot inside.;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiyl9KW-JrnAhWJtp4KHXhBCFoQp4wCMAB6BAgBEAE#htidocid=ma6ACWc1btxqfjhGAAAAAA%3D%3D