• Last name (M – Z) = School Counselor

This case study will allow you to apply the information that you have learned to a case study. Review the case study keeping in mind your child welfare role. After reviewing your textbook and resources, answer the case questions in the discussion board.

Case Study Scenario

Juan’s dad has been in the military for many years. Juan is ten years old but, due to multiple deployments, Juan’s family moved three times before he was eight. Each time it has become harder for Juan to adjust to new schools, friends and neighbors.

  • Prior to the last move, Juan was very attached to his teachers and friends at his last school.
  • He excelled academically and was very active in after-school activities.
  • Since the last move, Juan has had difficulty sleeping and completing homework.
  • He is withdrawn and does not want to attend school anymore.
  • He is afraid to make friends or get close to his new teachers for fear he will “just have to leave them as well.”
  • His father, Samuel, sustained a traumatic brain injury while on his last deployment and his behavior and personality has changed. Juan feels like he does not recognize his father’s behavior.
  • Samuel currently drinks to excess and often argues with Juan’s mother, Eileen.
  • Sometimes, Samuel leaves the house and disappears for several days at a time.
  • Samuel has threatened to kill himself or Eileen.
  • Juan has witnessed Samuel knocking his mother to the ground on several occasions.

Now you have a meeting with Juan’s teacher and school administrators to decide how to help him to succeed academically and socially and how the family could be helped.

Case Questions to answer based upon your role:

  1. Briefly discuss two strategies Juan’s teachers and school can use to help him master coping skills and build resiliency.
  2. Name one service or program that child welfare can provide to Juan’s family that will help stabilize the family.
  3. Explain your choices.