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Coppertone was developed by pharmacist Benjamin Green when he observed service men and women in the Air Force using petroleum gel to protect their skin. He added cocoa butter and coconut oil to create Coppertone Suntan Cream. Taglines such as “Tan, Don’t Burn” and advertising featuring the “Coppertone Girl” were used to promote the product as a tanning brand. Over time, however, consumer interests shifted from tanning to protection so Coppertone developed sunscreen products, water-resistant lotions, and continuous sprays. In addition, Coppertone conducted research that helped the FDA create the SPF ratings for the entire industry. Today Coppertone is the market leader with an 18 percent share of an industry that has grown to $9 billion in global sales.

Much of Coppertone’s success can be attributed to how attentive Coppertone managers are to the path that consumers follow as they make a sun care product purchase. Generally, Coppertone consumers follow the same purchase decision process common to many consumer purchases—problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and postpurchase behavior. Psychological, sociocultural, and situational factors also influence Coppertone users’ purchase behavior.

Answer the following questions using a separate sheet of paper if needed

1. How has an understanding of consumer behavior helped Coppertone grow in the United States and around the globe?

2. Briefly describe each of the five-stage purchase decision process (path to purchase) for a typical Coppertone customer based on the information provided in the video.

a. Problem Recognition

b. Information Search.

c. Alternative Evaluation.

d. Purchase Decision.

e. Postpurchase Behavior.

3. What are the possible psychological and sociocultural influences on the Coppertone consumer purchase decision process?

4. What specific marketing activities does Coppertone utilize to help Coppertone grow in the marketplace?