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Textbook Readings

  • Kennedy: ch. 3 (Book Attached)

Diversity Statement

You are a DIVERSE group of students, so please keep these elements in mind as you interact with your peers throughout this course:

Differences:Liberty University Online students come from different backgrounds, age groups, ethnicity, and belief systems, but everyone attending LUO is here to share in one goal: advancing their education.  As a result of this, you will get to know people you never would have been able to meet in your own neighborhood.  It is exciting!

Integrity:In all of your discussions and conversations with your classmates, show integrity by being polite, courteous, patient, and kind, avoiding any form of objectionable, insincere, or hurtful language.

Valid Concerns:In the discussion board, bring up constructive points in response to your classmates’ posts that serve as a way to edify and encourage them towards academic improvement and excellence.

Evaluate:Look over your own discussion board posts to ensure that they look professional prior to posting them.  Revise any wording so that your message is clear and concise, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstandings.  Edit grammar and spelling errors; avoid using all capital letters.  

Respect:Respect the privacy of your classmates.  Do not share email addresses or allow anyone outside of the course to access the discussions without the permission of your professor and others involved in the discussion.

Share with care:Connect with your classmates, but be careful of sharing too much personal information.  Also, never give out your username(s) or password(s).

Educational Environment:As you interact with your classmates on the discussion board, keep in mind that this is an educational environment designed for you all to learn from each other’s wisdom and experiences.