It is important for nurses to understand and identify what research, evidence-based practice and improvement processes or Quality improvements are so that they can be better equipped to serve patients. Research is the critical investigation that answers questions about a nursing phenomena. Evidence based practice is the collection, and integration of the said research. Improvement processes or quality improvement is the use of data to monitor the results of care as well as the use of improvement methods to design and test changes in practice. Therefore with the results of research comes evidence based practice, and quality improvement is how things change after the evidence based practice was integrated into the medical practice.

 Thus these three components impact the medical practice in different but important ways. Pamela K. Ginex states the different impacts on practice as being ” Research generates new knowledge for practice and adds to our professions’ knowledge base through the literature. Evidence- Based practice translates knowledge with a goal of improving practice. And Quality improvement, improves patient care processes and outcomes in specific healthcare settings. (Ginex)”


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