Unit VII Article CritiqueInitially, review the issues discussed in this unit, such as marketing, hospitality management styles, planning, organizing, leadership or other topics from the three textbook (See Study guide attached) chapters in your required reading. Then, choose two of the issues listed above, and search the CSU Online Library for two articles pertaining to each of two issues. This will give you a total of four articles to critique in this assignment. The chosen articles should be less than three years old and should exceed three pages in length.Analyze and evaluate the articles as to their relevance in today’s marketplace, and organize your Article Critique as follows:Part 1 of the critique consists of the identification of the two issue areas that you have selected and the articles that pertain to each issue or topic. Be certain that you provide readers with enough information about the articles through proper APA formatting in in-text citations and in your references list at the end of your submission. This way, the reader can find the articles themselves if he or she wishes to read them.Part 2 presents an abstract of each article in which you briefly summarize the main points the author(s) established.Part 3 offers your actual critique of the articles. You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points the authors made in their respective articles. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. While you may make such a statement by way of an introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and logically state the reasons for the position you have taken toward the data presented within the articles.Your critique should be a minimum of 1,000 words. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting throughout your critique, including citations and references.Explain the differences between leadership and management. link for Critique guidance Please see it

Course Textbook(s)

Walker, J. R. (2013). Introduction to hospitality management (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.