Assignment Specifications:
Select an organization or industry you are familiar with.

Write a 8 page (double spaced) proposal in APA format that analyzes and defines suggested improvements to their compensation system and/or compensation techniques and policies.

You will need to review or define the organizations compensation policies, procedures, and techniques (i.e. the Pay Model Exhibit 1.5, attached ) to identify specific areas of improvement in an effort to ensure the compensation system is aligned to achieve the organizations compensation objectives. 

     a) If compensation objectives are not defined, suggest what they should be based on the organizations goals and objectives. Your suggestions should be supported by research (the books/resources in this class and outside of this class) and/or discussion with other HR professionals.

Topics that must be addressed include (Note: ensure that your paper uses the text in bold below as section headings):

 a) Overview of the current Compensation System using the pay model framework (the Pay Model Exhibit 1.5 ) outlined in the Milkovich book (4 points)

b) Definition of at least four (4) recommendations for improving the current Compensation Strategy and/or Compensation Policies. (3 points per recommendation. Total of 12 points)

Each recommendation must include, at a minimum; 1)  Detailed definition of the recommendation with supporting data.
     For example, the current and proposed pay scales, pay structures, job evaluation policy, external competitive analysis, or pay for performance policy. 2)  How the recommendation would be implemented, i.e. a list of tasks and what areas or people would be responsible for implementation. 

Writing and presentation (5 points total): a)The paper must have a cover page that includes: a) course name, b) student name, c) assignment title followed by name of the organization analyzed in the proposal, d) date and e) professors name. (.5 points)
b)  The paper must not have any spelling or grammar errors, use a 12 point times new roman font and be double spaced (3 points ). 
c)   Must use at least 3 external sources and the sources need to be formatted using APA style (.5 points).