Question 1: Go and search for a site(s) on the internet and answer the question(s) in a 2 page paper.

13.27: Go to and read the article on the multiple uses of project S-curves.

What does the article suggest about the use of different S-curves and analysis methods?

13.28: Go to and access the article by Q. W. Flemingand J. M. Koppelman. 

From your reading, summarize the 10key steps in EVM and the advantages the authors argue earned value offers for project control and evaluation.

Question 2: 200 Words

What are some of the key organizational elements that can affect the development and maintenance of a supportive organizational culture? As a consultant, what advice would you give to a functional organization that was seeking to move from an old, adversarial culture, where the various departments actively resisted helping one another, to one that encourages “project thinking” and cross-functional cooperation?