Write a 2 page paper on the question below:

 A brand is everything the customer understands about your offering. It is the image you present in the marketplace, and that is a vital and strategic consideration. Look at the following five levels of meaning.

1. Value: The benefits to price equation.

2. Values: What do you stand for? 

3. Attributes: What is it that you sell? What are the physical attributes?

4. Benefits: What do the attributes do for the consumer? 

5. Personality: Can you describe your offering like a person (fast, sad, dangerous, sociable, etc)? 

Every brand is built on one or more of these five basic foundational elements. You can compose or decompose any brand based upon these five elements. Your assignment is to find two brands that use a different major element of the five basic elements as the primary basis of the brand. Find a brand that relies on value, such as Hyundai, a brand with a persona, like Brawny, or a brand like Leica cameras, which relies on fine lenses (attribute). Describe the positioning of the brand. How is the brand positioned compared to the competition? Find a commercial for each of your chosen brands that helps to position the brand along the lines you describe and include a link to the commercial.