The company name I chose is “A taste of home cooking”

– A taste of home cooking is not a real company –

You can look at these website because they are similar to the company I chose 


– BistroMD

– GreenChef

  – EveryPlate


  • Create an infographic to showcase your team’s Distribution and Marketing Plan
  • Highlight the elements professionals seek most in a proposal 
  • Focus on highlights of these elements through visual presentation of your team’s Distribution and Marketing Plan 


The ability to summarize becomes more and more important as the pace of society continues to increase. One area where it is imperative is in business. The time executives have for focusing on something is shorter than you think. If they tell you that you have two minutes to wow them, they truly need to be wowed within the first minute for them to stay attentive for the second minute.

For example, motion picture executives receive thousands of script pitches every year. To help find the projects that are truly worth their limited time and attention, they hire script readers whose basic job is to summarize and critique each script that comes through their office. These reports are called Coverage. And even though they are only a few short pages compared to the average 120 pages in a script, the executives still only read beyond the first page of the script coverage if the summary makes them believe it is worth their while. They’ll summarize exactly what the executive needs to know upfront in order to decide if they want to continue reading. For scripts, that’s the script facts, logline, evaluation boxes, and a grade.

But in this assignment, you will create the 21st century version of a one-minute-wow for executives: An Infographic. Sell your project in a flashy page that can visually summarize highlights of your ideas based on what you’ve constructed within your plan. The reader’s approach to this infographic will have no preconceptions of what you write about. This is the first time they’re learning about your project. So, it must be created without any assumption of a reader having prior knowledge of the project or your plan. 


Construct your infographic. In an infographic, summarize the Distribution and Marketing Plan your team worked on this month in an eye-catching visual manner that will garner the interest of an executive while still providing important detail. Utilize Adobe Illustrator or a web-based tool such as Adobe Spark or Piktochart.  Break it out in the following order from the details you provided in your plan:

Sell your company to the potential client for all the possibilities you foresee based on the strengths of your team.

Sell the potential client’s project based on its premise and appeal.

Sell the profitability the client’s project can garner based on your participation.

Sell the ability to hone in on the core audience that you’ve targeted as best to embrace and subsequently become your social marketing fan base.

Sell the multiple channels of distribution that will best provide access to your primary target audience in year one.

Sell the variety of methods you will utilize to maximize awareness for your primary target audience in year one.

WARNING:  Do not copy and paste any content from a Website without providing the appropriate in-text citation, formatting and reference.  Consequences for plagiarism are harsh.