Additional Instructions

Be very careful to read the question. To help discourage cheating, some questions will seem just like others, but the values have changed or what is asked for is changed. Be sure you know what the question is asking for and the values to use. You will have 144 minutes to answer in 150+ words the three essay questions in this quiz.

Question 1

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was the catalyst for dissatisfaction among American colonists that led to the Revolutionary War. The Proclamation simply reinforced the agreement between Great Britain and France that ended the French and Indian War.

What are the three parts of the Declaration of Independence?

Question 2

Legacy of American Civil Way echoes in today’s life of American society through various areas of modern life. Some of those examples are existence of ambulances and hospitals, proclaiming America as a land of opportunity, use of symbols like flags and memorials in honor of fallen soldiers, being open to technological innovations and their use for communication, Americans mainly identify themselves as Democrats and Republicans, and three (13th, 14th, and 15th) amendments to the Constitution made at the end of the Civil War.

Select one of the amendments to the Constitution and discuss how it impacts and governs political and legal decisions in the modern American society.

Question 3

The United States after World War II was, without question, a superpower among the nations of the world. With the advent of the atomic bomb, which other countries soon possessed, world leaders believed it was necessary to establish an organization that helped countries find common ground on issues that affected them. They formed the United Nations in 1945, permanently hosted by the United States in New York City.

Which countries hold permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council?