View the video below and write a two (2) to four (4) page mini-paper (see details below).

Mini-paper requirements, written in APA style, with section headings as noted below: 

Introduction, i.e. title of the topic, date of the show, names of the guest presenters of the topic, and a three sentence description of the topic. 

Rationale – using 4 – 6 sentences, describe the reason you chose this feature as an example of a social concern. 

Issue and Social System – based on your understanding of the social systems and theories being covered in this class, describe using 4-6 sentences the system(s) evident in the particular issue being discussed, along with the experience and background of the speakers which gives them the credibility to address this issue (section heading:). 

Critique – using 8-11 sentences, critique the perspective offered by the presenters.