Assignment 1: Development of a Research Scenario

Pre- and Posttest Control Group Design

Develop a hypothetical research scenario that would necessitate the use of a Pre- and Posttest Control Group Design. The research can be either experimental or quasi-experimental.

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1. Identify the research scenario including the relevant independent and dependent variables.

2. Develop the appropriate primary research question to be associated with this design.

3. Discuss the sampling strategy and technique used to access the appropriate sample.

4. Indentify the assignment technique to be utilized. Discuss whether it will be experimental or quasi-experimental research.

5. Identify what type of comparison group will be used opposite of the treatment group. Why would this type of comparison group used?

6. In accordance with the assignment technique and comparison group, discuss the various control techniques that will be utilized with this specific design.

7. Discuss the major threats to validity associated with this design and type of research (experimental or quasi-experimental). How will these threats be addressed in accordance based on the discussion of the control techniques in number 6?

8. Enter the relevant variables in the chart below.

9. Briefly discuss any limitations associated with this research scenario and the specific design.

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ElementMetPartially MetNot Met
Relevant IVs and DVs(4 points)The IVs and DVs are clearly described, appropriate, and justified with a citation.The IVs and DVs are described, appropriate, but not justified with a citation.The IVs and DVs are not clearly described, or seem inappropriate, or are not justified with a citation.
Research Question(4 points)The research question is clearly described, appropriate, and justified with a citation.The research question is described and appropriate, but not justified with a citation.The research question is not clearly described, or not justified with an appropriate citation.
Sampling Strategy (2 points)The sampling strategies are appropriate.The sampling strategies are somewhat appropriate.The sampling strategies are inappropriate.
Control and Validity (3 points)Control and Validity is properly outlined and is included, detailed, and appropriate.Control and Validity is not complete or properly outlined.Control and Validity is not included, or not appropriate.
APA Style(2 points)The paper is written in correct APA style.There are minor APA style errors.There are numerous APA style errors.