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BSBSLS501 – Develop a Sales Plan


1. Look for an organisation or any company and then read through a variety of their workplace documentation, which contains information related to sales requirements or sales document or their sales plan. Interpret this information and create summaries for employees which outline their organisational requirements during the sales process?

2. Conduct a research or market analysis actions in order to highlight a new or innovative sales approach that can be used for an upcoming sales plan. Summarize the actions taken with a new or innovative ideas.

3. Write a draft sales plan in no less than 100 words. This should outline the product unique selling point, sales targets, risks, and sales approach. Ensure that the write up:

· Uses appropriate structure and language

· Enables questions to be asked to clarify understanding?

4. Locate a sales figure for a product or service from a previous sales campaign.

Use this data and organisational goals to develop targets for a current product or service to be released. This should involve the use of mathematical calculations and your targets should be put into a workplace system or spreadsheet?

5. Organise and document training requirements for at least three people within the sales team. This should involve holding a conversation with the individuals to discuss their role and the training they require in order to conduct their role effectively.

6. Following the implementation of the sales plan within the workplace, monitor the sales performance and on at least two occasions and report your findings to relevant personnel. Where necessary, make amendments to the sales plan where performance is different to expectations?

7. Outline at least two principles and techniques for selling.

8. Provide 3 examples of methods for monitoring sales outcomes.

9. Outline the statistical techniques that are used in your place of work to analyse sales and market trends.

10. Outline two internal and external sources of information that are relevant to identifying organisational strategic direction and developing a product sales plan.

11. Analyse information from a variety of internal and external sources and develop a sales plan for a product and sales territory that meets the organisational strategic direction.

The plan should incorporate the following:

· Resources requirements and budget

· Achievable sales targets

· Performance measures

· Approaches to be used to meet objectives

· Risk Management

· Advertising and promotional strategy

· Product distribution channels

This should be structured in line with organisational expectations.

12. For the sales plan that you have developed, describe how would you:

· Acquire staff

· Develop a selling approach among the sales team

· Provide training and support to the sales team on product knowledge and the sales approach.

13. Following the implementation of the plan, monitor and evaluate performance over at least two designated time lines, such as weekly or monthly. Adjust the plan as appropriate in response to performance levels.

14. Provide 3 examples of adjustments that could be made to a sales plan to ensure required results are obtained.

15. Describe how confirming and corrective feedback could be provided to staff members to ensure required results are obtained.