DB #4-5-6

Address the instructor’s prompt at least 400 words. Each thread must contain at least 2 peer-reviewed references and 1 Scripture reference. Current APA format is required for citations, and a reference list in current APA format is required at the conclusion of each thread.

DB #4

Topic: Concept-Based Instruction

When writing your thread, consider and address each of the following questions:

· What is your biggest take-away from the Brown et al. (2014) text Make It Stick?

· What is concept-based curriculum and how does it differ from skill-based or fact-based curriculum? What aspects of the concept-based curriculum model do you agree or disagree with?

· In your opinion, did Jesus teach primarily through a conceptual or skill-based/factual lens and why?

DB #5

Topic: Differentiation

When writing your thread, consider and address each of the following questions:

· Do we as educators need to differentiate our instruction?

· Should teachers at all levels be expected to differentiate their instruction?

· What is the best approach for addressing the needs of a diverse student population when designing curriculum?

· How should curriculum designers align and address the need to meet specific standards but also differentiate instruction?

DB #6

Topic: Reflecting on Curriculum Design and Development

When writing your thread, consider and address each of the following questions:

· How has your view of curriculum and its design and development changed from this course?

· Have you used the Understanding by Design (UbD) model before?

. If so, has it been successful in your classroom? Why or why not?

.  If not, do you find it beneficial? Why or why not?

· Do you plan to use UbD in your classroom, school, or organization in the future? Why or why not?

· Does the UbD model reflect biblical principles found in Christian education? Why or why not?