Curriculum Plan Critique Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is for you to critique a curriculum plan based upon what you have learned through describing the strengths or weaknesses of the curriculum plan. You will evaluate and critique 1 curriculum using articles. The article will focus on a single topic or portion of a lesson. You will only critique that topic of the lesson through the assigned article.

In your critique, you should provide suggestions to improve the curriculum plan based upon what’s been learned in this course. This assignment must include a title page, have a 500-word limit, and adhere to current APA format. Title page and citations are NOT included in the word limit.

Please use the following curriculum plan provided by the Virginia Department of Education. (Attached)

· Curriculum Plan: Grade 6-8: Understanding Connotation

The paper will include the following:

a. A title page

b. First section a 225-word summary of the assigned article.

c. Second section, the critique, a 125-words comparing the article to the curriculum plan

d. Third section, 125-words contrasting the article to the curriculum plan.

Below you will find the Critique Topic #2 and link to the corresponding article assigned. You will only need to critique the portion of the sample curriculum plan based upon the assigned topic:

· Topic: Educational Objectives

· The Tyler Rationale (Kliebard, 1970) (Attached)