· Please write a 150-word discussion for ONE of the following questions:

1. Do you believe that impeachment of a President should only happen when the President is accused of and convicted of committing a crime?

2. Should a Senate Impeachment trial be required to include fact witnesses and other evidence, or should the majority party be permitted discretion to determine the rules?

3. What should the role of the Supreme Court Chief Justice be during an impeachment trial?

· Please read two discussion blow ,and write a 100-word respond for each discussion.

1. The majority party should not be given the discretion of choosing when or when not to hold the impeachment trial, because without necessitating evidence, it would be too easy to accuse people who may have differing opinions of being worthy of being impeached, especially in times when there is a lot of political tension between the parties, like during times of recession or war, it may be made to be too easy to impeach a President after having made a decision that upset the other party. If this were to be the case, it would be likely that after every presidential election, there would be at least rising tensions among the opposing party, thus making it harder to pass legislation within congress. It also would seem that not necessitating evidence and fact witnesses would contradict the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ system that we currently have in place in the united states. (Question 1)

2. I strongly believe that a Senate Impeachment trial should be required to include fact witnesses and other evidence. I don’t exactly comprehend why a trial would undergo completely different rules when most people know that will only be, in a sense, a form of bias. Including evidence and witness allows for reassurance of the leadership that the people are under. As well as giving the president a chance to prove that they are innocent and are still fit to be a president. In our case today, there are fairly concrete evidence of our president committing impeachable offenses, so the Senate chooses to make their own rules, then all the evidence and witnesses may possible be thrown out the window and we will end up keeping a corrupt president. (Question 2)