Economic Justice & A “Perfect” Science

Goal: The goal of this forum is to discuss the ethics of economic justice and the concept of a perfect’ science. 

Course Objective(s):

  • Create a framework for developing one’s own ethical and moral philosophy.


Choose one of the following topics to respond to for your initial post. 

Topic A: Economic Justice

Do you think that there should be equal opportunity in a just society? What would you mean by this phrase? Do you think that it is a realizable ideal? Describe John Stuart Mill’s concept of utilitarianism. Do you see any advantages or disadvantages of applying this to our society?

Topic B: A “Perfect” Science

If psychology were to be an exact, or to use Mill’s phrase, “a perfect” science, then specific human acts could be accurately predicted. Would a prediction be accurate if the person about to act becomes aware of the prediction prior to the act itself? Does the fact that a prediction can be known in advance disprove the possibility of predicting accurately or is that fact just one more antecedent condition? Thoroughly explain your view.

350-400 words, APA style format and a minimum of 3 references