Please make a special note. The article you are reading is a “primary
source.” A primary source is original research written by the person who conducted it. If someone were to write an article “about” this article that would be considered a secondary
source. Understanding this distinction is very important in academic research.
When you write a critical analysis essay you do not need to be an expert on the topic. Your task is to evaluate what the author has written. For the essay to be interdisciplinary, it must include
more than one discipline. Those disciplines are specified in the instructions below.
When writing this essay,
please use the five-paragraph approach. In this case, each paragraph
should be approximately 100 words long. This is by no means the only formula for writing such essays, but for this assignment, it serves our purposes well. This method consists of:
1.Add a title page with all the information that is highlighted in yellow on the title page of the “APA Sample Paper” that is provided.
2.Do NOT include an “abstract” page. An abstract it not necessary for the purposes of this
(100 words) -An introductory paragraph Clearly and concisely states the paper’s purpose, which is engaging, and thought
provoking. Your introductory paragraph should answer these two questions: 1) What is the nature of the work (type, purpose) and what is the primary message(s) of this work?
2) What problems is the author trying to solve and what are the primary issues that the author is addressing?
4.Three evidentiary body paragraphs (paragraphs 2-4). When evaluating this painting there are three major disciplines involved: art, religious studies, and anatomy. Analyze these three disciplines and their role in the painting featuredin the article.
a.PARAGRAPH 2 (100 words) -The Creation of Adam: art
(humanities). Analyze what role the discipline of art plays in this painting.
b.PARAGRAPH 3 (100 words) -Religious studies(humanities). Analyze what role the discipline of religious studies plays in this painting.
c.PARAGRAPH 4 (100 words) -Anatomy (natural sciences). Analyze what role
the discipline of anatomy plays in this painting.
5.PARAGRAPH 5 (100 words) -A conclusion paragraph

In your conclusion, describe what you have learned that you did not know before and
perhaps what you can use in your personal and professional life based on your critical
analysis of this article.
Add  a
“REFERENCES”  page  as  formatted  in  the  sample  paper  on  page  9.  In  this
case the only citation we have is the one article
In this case, the only citation we have is the one article provided. The article provided is
one  we  chose  because  it  had
the  b
est  visuals  and  graphics.
In  this  one  insta
nce  we  will
provide  you  with
citation  you  should  use  for  this  paper,  since  the  reproduction  we
provided does not have all the informatio
n you will need for a proper
Meshberger, Frank Lynn, “An Interpret
ation Of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam Based on
Journal of the American Medical Association

1841, doi:10.1001/jama.1990.03450140059034
paced, Times New Roman font, 12

point text, and one

inch page

level writing is expected. The paper will be graded for content, grammar, spelling, punctuation,
and sentence structure.