1. What is the institutional context of a business and how these components impact global businesses? Why it is crucial to look closely to the institutional context of business for a global company? 

2. What is the national context of a business and how managers take its components into consideration for business decision making? What impacts the national context has on decision making in a MNC. 

3. What are various stages of industrialization and what are their implications for businesses? How MNC’s look at various stages of economic development in a country an why? 

4. What is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how it helps corporate ethics and business? What impacts CSR has on customers and profit of a MNC. 

5. What are various kinds of stakeholders and by what mechanism they can impact corporations to make right decisions? Who are stockholders and how they can influence a company’s decisions?  

6. How ethics impact decision making in a company? What processes they use for ethical decision making.? How those decisions impact the stockholders of a company?