Assignment 3: Storage Alternatives Plan

You are the MIS manager of a company in the U.S. You need to design a disaster recovery plan that will help restore business operations after a disaster such as a tornado, flood, or terrorist attack. You are considering various types of secondary storage devices that can easily be transported to offsite locations after performing regular backups to the company’s critical systems. Determine the access methods, the capacities, and the portability of the following: 

  • Magnetic Tapes 
  • Magnetic Disks 
  • Optical Disks 

Decide the storage alternative you will recommend to your organization. Use the Microsoft Word template to submit your answer. 

Assignment 3 Grading   Criteria and Respective Point Value


Applied analysis to each of the   storage alternatives like magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, and optical disks.


Justified reasons for recommended   storage alternative.