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  1. Explain at least three of the following techniques used to study the brain: EEG, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, fMRI.  What is the significance of these brain-imaging techniques?
  2. Identify and describe the structures and functions of the cerebral cortex, including the four lobes and two hemispheres.
  3. Differentiate between hypnosis and meditation.   Compare the two theories of how hypnosis works?
  4. Identify the basic structures of a neuron, the function of each structure, and how messages travel through the neuron.
  5. Describe the different levels of sleep that occur during a normal night, and know the characteristics of each phase. In addition discuss the Disorders of Sleep.
  6. Describe epigenetics and examine how gene-environment interactions are critical for expression of physical and psychological characteristics
  7. Describe the endocrine system and explain its primary responsibilities within the body
  8. Define sensation and explain its connection to the concepts of absolute threshold, difference threshold, and subliminal messages
  9. Describe the basic anatomy of the visual system
  10. Give examples of gestalt principles, including the figure-ground relationship, proximity, similarity, continuity, and closure