Submit an Executive Summary  that spans the entire range of topics within your MBA program and that  integrates prior learning, experiences, and insights gained throughout  the MBA program, with personal and professional development goals by  addressing the following questions:

  • Page One: The MBA and Your Goals and Contributions to Social Change
    • Which content, conceptual ideas, frameworks, tools, and  assignments in your MBA improved your understanding and skills in ways  that will enable you to achieve your professional goals?
    • What impact has your improved understanding had, or what  impact do you anticipate your understanding will have, on the value you  will bring to your role within an organization and the world at large,  particularly with respect to being an agent for positive change (at the  individual, organizational and communities level)? NOTE: This is a very important element of your response, please be deliberative in your response.
  • Page Two: The MBA Program’s Content & Your Practice of Business Administration
    • How have the content and assignments changed the way you think of  your role within the organization and the way you will practice your  profession?
    • How have the content and assignments shaped your goals now and how do you anticipate they will shape your goals in the future?
    • How has your MBA helped you appreciate the role that an individual  manager or a business has in facilitating positive social change?

General Guidance on Assignment Length: Part 1 of your BPPG, your MBA program Executive Summary, should be approximately 2 single-spaced page(s). APA format