You have been asked by the City Manager to submit a request for grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) fund. This 2 -page plan should be focused on a project in the community that is covered under these grant funds. In your plan, you need to address the following:

· Name of the project,

· Description of the project,

· How the project qualifies for CDBG funding,

· Scope of work, and

· Amount of funding requested.

Your plan should pull together information from your course readings and relate lessons from the course to your professional practice (Customer Service Representative). Your paper will be graded based upon your ability to relate any of the readings to your professional practice or to any of your “real world” experiences outside of work. Use your life experiences and occupational, (Customer Service Representative) backgrounds to frame your approach to any idea, theme, or theory noted by any of the authors. Be sure to organize your paper with appropriate headings.

The paper should be 2 pages (not including title or reference pages), double spaced, in APA format, and include a minimum of three (3) sources. You also can visit the Urban Institute (Links to an external site.) for ideas.

**Use North Carolina as the “Community”

**Below are a few helpful sources, feel free to use some of them as references as well.