Crucial to the DBA research and writing process is the ability to both objectively and critically assess one’s strengths and abilities. This includes the capability to describe yourself and your actions using the third-person. For this first assignment:

  1. Complete the leadership assessment in the back of the Rath book and consider your results,
  2. Draft a two-page APA formatted paper (title and reference pages are excluded from the page count) that:
    1. Identifies specifically what the assessment indicated about you and your abilities,
    2. Evaluates your response/views of the assessment, i.e., do you feel it is accurate? Why or why not? and
    3. Considers how your strengths and abilities align with what is expected of a doctoral candidate, i.e., how do your strengths and abilities translate to readiness as a DBA learner?
  3. Title your paper Leadership Assessment your last name then your first name.
  4. Submit your paper in Microsoft Word format by the deadline identified above. The composition should follow conventions of standard American English appropriate for a professional and scholarly audience using APA format (6th Ed.).  Submission more than two-pages in length (title and reference pages excluded) will be rejected, as will submissions that use first-person narration, rather than third-person.