Assignment Overview

The study and critique of art builds visual literacy skills, broadens perceptions about the role of art in daily life, and expands critical thinking skills that can inform individuals about their past, present, and future. It opens one’s awareness to the worldview of ancient and contemporary cultures. Developing these competencies nurtures creative thinking and cultural awareness that complements the intellectual demands of the academic and the professional world. To develop a greater appreciation of the visual arts and their cultural impact, this exploration of art across time and place allows learners to identify ways in which artists from different cultures use the visual arts to address similar themes, ideas, and perspectives.

Review the Artwork Analysis Assignment Overview [DOWNLOAD] for detailed instructions.

Assignment Requirements 

This is a multi-part assignment. Each part has a separate deadline throughout the term. Refer to the Assignment List for specific dates.

  • Part 1 – Artwork Selection
  • Part 2 – Artwork Content Analysis
  • Part 3 – Perspective on Cultural Diversity

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