Unit 3 DB: Prewrite for Your Argument Essay

The major assignment for this course is going to require you to write an argument essay focusing on an issue related to your chosen career and/or area of study.  Now, you will begin by offering a prewrite on three (3) issues you see as impacting your chosen career and/or area of study.  Rather than diving right into the essay, it is good practice to first figure out what you know about the subject to make sure you can write and sustain an essay on that subject.  After you complete this prewrite, you (with the feedback from your instructor and classmates) will select one issue to focus on.

Please follow these instructions for your initial post:

  1. Create three (3) paragraphs focusing on three (3) different issues related to your chosen career and/or area of study.
  2. Please avoid issues that may lead to overly biased essays and would be hard to write about in the given page length for the argument essay.
    • For example, issues such as gender discrimination, health care reform, and animal testing are too complicated to try to tackle in the given page length.  Please keep in mind that your issues should be objective and not feature a bias.
  3. As you work on prewriting about three (3) issues, consider these questions in your paragraphs:
    • How do these issues impact your chosen career and/or area of study?
    • What do you know about these issues?

In response to your classmates, review the issues your classmates highlighted.  What issue out of the three highlighted do you think your classmate should focus on?  Why?