Develop an evaluation plan utilizing the theories discussed in the text, including identification of an appropriate external market and benchmarks for salary comparison data and analysis. Two page minimum, two references 

Written Performance Standards

Structure and Organization

  • Clarity      of Introduction
  • Overview      of Topic
  • Quality      of Writing
  • Grammar,      Punctuation, Spelling, and Format

Development of Main Points

  • Clearly      Describes + Emphasizes Key Ideas
  • Illustrates      Main Points with Examples
  • Quality      of Writing and Adequacy of Analysis

Concluding Summary

  • Summarizes      Key Ideas
  • Quality      of Writing and Adequacy of Summation/Conclusion

While your job portfolio is divided into specific parts as outlined above , the paper should flow from one section to the next in a seamless fashion, providing the reader with a view of the entire HR process relating to compensation including basis for pay, incentives, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, pay relative to the market and competing firms, and gaining competitive advantage from the overall reward system.