For this Final Paper Assignment, review the  Final Paper Guidelines and Final Paper Rubric found in the Course  Information section of the course.

Your Final  Paper should incorporate any feedback you received from your  Instructor. The Final Paper should be a minimum of 12–13 pages in  length, not including the title page, abstract, or references. The Final  Paper should include at least 10 references.


Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD

The Final Paper should include:

  1. An analysis of the question or controversy you selected including central arguments for various sides of the controversy
  2. An explanation of how the question or controversy relates to clinical applications as a helping professional
  3. An explanation of how you might reconcile the question or controversy in your current or future professional role
  4. why this question or controversy is important and how it relates to your profession of social work).
  5. Explain what you  learned about the topic.
  • Bibliography of resources

Follow proper APA format guidelines and use your Learning Resources and your personal research to support your paper.