Answer each question listed below in a 50- to 75-word response.

Include a minimum of 2 properly formatted APA in-text citations in your responses, as well as an APA reference for each source at the end of the worksheet. 

1. What does research suggest about genetic contributions to juvenile delinquency? 

Adolescent attachment to parents may be controlled by their genetic makeup; attachment that is weak and attenuated has been linked to criminality.

2. Which pre-natal and perinatal factor(s) have been linked to violence and delinquency?

3. What factors in parents’ lives may influence the development of child delinquent behavior?

4. What are some outside influences on the family (extrafamilial) that may contribute to the development of child delinquent behavior? 

5. What are some preventative measures that can be taken pre- and/or post-birth to decrease early risk factors?