Examples of youth cultures:


Rave scene (today version is EDM)


Beliebers, Smilers

Underground version of a popular cultural form (hip-hop, punk, electronic music non-EDM)


Sporting youth cultures (parkour, skateboarding, etc.)


Poetry slams

Political movement (driven by youth)

Why continue to play with risk of injury?

Why do you choose to wear certain athletic gear?

Why p lay an amateur sport?

Why do people play for hours on end?

How would you define hardcore gaming?

What explains the recurrence of youth crime?

What role does economic class play in youth crime?

Does the lure of alcohol change as you age/mature?

What is considered funny/comedic in film…e.g. do certain cultural trends affect comedy and how?

Country music: who listens to it, why, how has it changed generationally?

How has fashion changed/stayed the same across time, and groups?

Stereotypes of fashion within certain groups?

What constitutes hipster identity, difference between mainstream and underground hipster?

Does rave culture require drug use for acceptance?

How did rave culture start? What kind of music did it evolve from?

How does rap music affect behavior?

How does the type of music someone grew up with affect their behavior long term?